DJ Q Entertainment

DJ Q Entertainment was created off the foundation of fun

From weddings to events, it takes a lot of planning and at times can be exhausting, yet the payoff should be rewarding and that's why we're here! It's your event, and DJ Q Entertainment wants to keep it that way!

Quentin White

Quentin White, also known as DJ Q, was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Having an early interest in music, he played piano/keyboard by ear until the age of 29. Then he learned musical theory and started creating musical works for fun without taking the final step in production. Due to the locations and venues, he's performed at and his passion for music, DJ Q took a curious interest in the EDM genre. Going back to the basics, searching YouTube and Google, he realized that EDM is the basis of musical creativity...from an original drumbeat to completion. Inspired by the works of Alan Walker, Galantis, Diplo, & Skrillex, DJ Q strives to be one of the next big names not only in EDM music but in music production as well.